mothur and multivariate statistics for amplicon analysis

Who: Dr. Tracy Teal (lead instructor); others TBD.

When: April 21, 2015

Times: 9am-5pm

Where: 2030 Valley Hall

Cost: there is no fee.

This workshop is open to everyone, including graduate students, postdocs, staff, faculty, and community members. We have extra space for UC Davis VetMed affiliates; contact the lead instructor if you are an SVM affiliate. (These spaces will be released to the wait list on Tuesday, April 14th.)


We will be running a mothur workshop focused on analyzing MiSeq amplicon data. This workshop is intended for anyone new to amplicon analysis or mothur or those want to more efficiently analyze MiSeq data. We will work with sample data in this workshop and follow the standard SOP, but by the end you should be able to do these analyses with your own data. We will show you how to run mothur using cloud computing and some multivariate statistics for analysis of OTU-based community data.

Topics overview

  • Brief introduction to the command line
  • Connecting to cloud resources
  • MiSeq amplicon analysis with mothur, following the Schloss MiSeq SOP (
  • mothur batch mode
  • Multivariate statistics for OTU-based analyses

A more detailed schedule will be posted prior to the workshop. Note that attendees should plan to be at the entire workshop.

Computer and software requirements

This is a hands on workshop, so please bring a network-enabled laptop

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