Sphinx, Webhooks, and Bitbucket

Who: Adelaide Rhodes, lead instructor.

When: February 29, 2016

Times: 9:15am-12:15pm PST

Where: UC Davis Location: Shields Library, UC Davis campus

Contact Jessica Mizzi with any questions.


This workshop will cover using webhooks with Bitbucket to create Web sites that automatically update when you make changes in a Bitbucket repository. Sphinx and reStructuredText will be used to build the underlying Web site.

This workshop will be taught remotely and broadcast to UC Davis via Google Hangouts. It will also be streaming on YouTube.

Installation instructions

Webtools to Sign up For

  • A GitHub or Bitbucket account (both free) will allow you to put your website up. GitHub is more intuitive for beginners, Bitbucket is prettier
  • A readthedocs.org account
  • An Amazon Web Services account to access the EC2 instances

Dependencies to Obtain

Windows text editors:

  • Notepad++ - has nice formatting options
  • Sublime - color codes in several languages

Mac text editors:

  • Atom - can preview certain types of Markdown (not reST)
  • Text Wrangler - can save UNIX code directly and has spell checker
  • Sublime - color codes in several languages



  1. Download the Git for Windows installer here.
  2. Follow install instructions.
    • Click “next”
    • Click “next”
    • Click “next”
    • Click “next”
    • Click “next”
    • Select “Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt” and click on “next”. If you forget to do this, re-run the installer and select the correct option.
    • Click “next”, keep “Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings” selected.
    • Select “Use Windows’ default console window” and click on “next”
    • Click on “next”
    • Click on “finish”


You can use the Terminal application already installed on your machine.

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